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Word Problems on Multiplication

Word problem is one of the most important concepts in basic arithmetic. A word problem is nothing but a text representation of a mathematical operation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Word problems make it easier for one to solve a mathematical problem. Let’s have a closer look at word problems on multiplication.

Word problem on multiplication is a textual representation of multiplication operation. For example: There are 18 babies in this day care home. Every baby requires two metal sipper bottles each. How many metal sipper bottles one needs to buy? This is the text representation of multiplication problem: (18*2=?). The answer is 9.

Solving Word Problems on Multiplication
Solving word problems on multiplication includes certain steps. Firstly, the numbers to be multiplied by and with needs to be identified. Secondly, the word problem needs to be converted to a mathematical problem and then finally multiply the number. For example: Grade v has 30 students and each student needs 12 Crayola crayons. How many Crayola crayons I need to buy in total? Identifying the numbers, we get to be multiplied with i.e. 30 and the number to be multiplied by i.e. 12. Converting the word problem to a mathematical operation and then multiplying, (30*12=360). Therefore, the answer is 360 Crayola crayons.

Examples of Word Problems on Multiplication

1. Maria has three children. She wants to buy three pairs of socks for each from online shop baby store. How many pairs of socks she needs to buy from online shop baby store?
Answer: 3 children, 3 pairs of socks each
3*3 = 9 pairs of socks.
Therefore, Maria needs to buy 9 pairs of socks.
2. There are 50 people in the show. How many apples do one needs to get so that each person get at least 5 apples?
Answer: 50 people, 5 apples each
50*5 = 250 apples.
Therefore, the answer is 250 apples.
3. The man has two sisters. Each needs five notebooks. How many notebooks do the man needs to buy in total?
Answer: 2 sisters, 5 notebooks each
2*5 = 10 notebooks.
Therefore, the answer is 10 notebooks.

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